How North Carolina Snakes Sleep

In case you never encounter a sleeping snake with their eyes closed, understand that this will not be uncommon. Charlotte snakes will not close their eyes since they do not have eyelid. Despite of this missing feature, this animal will sleep perfectly fine. Their brain will be responsible for managing their sleep. Once they decided to wake up, they will not have to open their eyes. This action may seem to be unique among humans, but this is natural among the snakes.

How the Snake Sleep without Their Eyelid
In case you encounter a Charlotte snake in the wild that is curiously peering at you, but they don’t appear to be moving, there is a probability that this snake is asleep. Distinguishing a sleeping and awake snake may not be that simple. According to the expert, the snake can sleep for at least 16 hours. Their sleeping hours can be longer if they ate enough food.

The Defense of the Snake’s Eye
Aside from the fact that it helps the human fall asleep, the eyelid also protects our eyes against dust and debris. While they don’t have any eyelid, they still have ways to protect their eyes. The eyes will be equipped with a transparent scale known as spectacle. This will not only keep their eyes safe from scratches and injury but it will also prevent their eyes from being dry. When the snake has to shed their skin, the spectacle will appear opaque. Snakes will sometimes be agitated when they are shedding their scales. Encountering a snake with that hazy eye is an indication that they will be shedding their skin soon.

Lack of Movement
Since it is impossible to determine a sleeping snake by looking at its eye, you can look for other signs that it is sleeping such as lack of motion. In case the snake appears to be still, then there is a chance that this snake is catching some sleep. However, it is still not advisable to approach a sleeping snake. They can simply be in a relaxation mode. Snakes can also pick up the vibration on the ground and it will not be wise to surprise them since they can attack you. If you want to see a snake up close, the best destination would be the zoo.

The fact that snakes sleep is well known. However, the depth of their sleep is still a mystery. It is also not known if the snakes will dream. The pattern and their sleeping habit can also vary depending on the type of snake. Sometimes, the snake may appear yawning, but this is simply a snake that is picking chemical cues in the surrounding. Sleep is essential in the animal’s biological system. However, the benefits of sleep for the snake still require further studies.

You may see the snakes sleeping on the trees or they can be found inside the burrows. You should never approach them since they can strike you with their fangs and inject their deadly venom. Allow the experts to deal with them.

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