Do North Carolina Skunks Come Out at Daytime

Most people will think that a Charlotte skunk that is out during the day will be rabid. While it may be true that skunks are nocturnal, there are also certain situations and reasons when they will be active at daylight. It is pretty normal to encounter a responsive and alert skunk at daytime. The skunks will be coming out during the day if there is not enough food to hunt. They can also be active if there is something that disturbed them. It is also perfectly common to encounter a baby skunk at daylight.

Is Being Active a Sign of a Rabid Skunk?
As mentioned above, a nocturnal creature that is active at daytime is a normal situation. You will see the mother skunk hunting for food during the day to ensure that the small skunks will be properly nurtured. It is important to understand the normal behavior of the skunk to know if this behavior is common to them.

How Skunks Behave
Charlotte skunks have a docile and passive behavior. They will rather free than to confront the dangers in front of them. The wild skunks are solitary creatures that will spray any animals that will come close to them. They can also hiss and make noise that will intimidate the attacker. It is not normal to encounter a skunk that will chase upon you.

Other people will also think that since they are nocturnal, they will appear sluggish when they are moving during the day. However, signs of lethargy such as difficulty in walking or keeping their balance can be a sign of illness such as the rabies virus. In case you encounter a skunk that appears lethargic, it is best to keep away from them especially if there is no sign of injury.

Ways to Avoid the Skunk
If you want to evade the skunks, you will need to avoid frequenting the areas where they can possibly live especially during nighttime. Encountering them is also likely during the spring when the skunk will start looking for a potential mating partner. Once the babies are born, the mother skunk will become more active on daytime. The baby skunks can also be found outside the den at daytime. The babies will have to stay with the mother skunk for a couple of months. When the winter arrives, the skunks will be less-active. They will be waiting inside their den until the spring arrives.

Most nocturnal animals such as skunks will remain active at daytime due to several reasons. They could’ve been displaced from their natural habitat especially if there is an ongoing construction. They can also be disturbed by the attack of the predator. Study shows that an animal that is found close to a food source will also collect food regardless of the time. However, in case the skunk is showing signs of sickness such as aggressive behavior or lethargy, you must avoid them at all costs. The illnesses that they will carry can be transferred to human through their bites or scratches.

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